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Brighton 2 Day Stage Race aka the day 2 mud fest

We had 3 Races this past weekend and moving up to the Expert 19-29 class this year, I had a ton of work to do.
All Ages Results from the Race

1.  The Torn Shirt Loop Time Trial
2.  The Short Track XC
3.  The Murray Lake XC

  1.  The Torn Shirt Loop was quite the challenge.  I placed 5th this race but this was only the start of the weekend.  A little bit of dirt to exfoliate the skin!

2.  The Short Track XC

Wow…I’ve never raced cyclocross before in my life.  3rd place in this stage!

Relaxing After Day 1:

3.  The Murray Lake XC

Took a 4th on the podium.

The weekend ended and I took a 3rd in the overall Expert Mens 19-29!

2 thoughts on “Brighton 2 Day Stage Race aka the day 2 mud fest

  1. Nice to put and name and face together this weekend! Great job racing… Congrats!

  2. thanks man, nice meeting you this weekend!

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