Physiophytology Decompression with Foundation Training Course

  • Course level: All Levels
  • Last Update June 15, 2024

What Will I Learn?

  • How to Decrease Tension in the Soft Tissue of the Skeleton.
  • How to Align the Spine Using Postural Exercises
  • How to Use Steamed Hemp as Aromatherapy for Alignment.
  • Understanding of Decompression Principles and Sequencing Movement Patterns.
  • Have an Understanding of Preventative Maintenance and Wellness Strategies.

Topics for this course

143 Lessons

Foundation Training Exercises and Decompression Breathing

Standing Decompression5:55
Founder Position: Normal, Narrow, Wide Legged4:11
Lunge Decompression and Woodpecker5:55
Supine Decompression3:15
Prone Decompression00:4:30
Internal Leg Tracing1:35
Crossover Stretch3:15
Anchored Back Extension and Anchored Bridge3:15
Kneeling Founder Position00:00:54
Lateral Founder00:01:06
Standing Internal Leg Tracing00:01:21
Surf Squat1:09
Gorilla Lift4:11
Tracing and Hand Positions3:15
Forward Fold with Decompression00:01:03
8 Point Plank3:15
Joint Alignment00:3:28
How Frequently?2:27
Teach Your Kids Decompression!1:04
Foundation Template Exercises and Streaming Service3:07
Decompression Testimonials3:07
Bone Growth, Reabsorption, and Mobility Tools2:43
Using Cannabis Topicals During Mobility or Decompression Work & References2:27
Dosing Cayenne or Habanero Tincture2:27

Info Prior To Starting And Self Soft Tissue Work

Research Behind Quantum Decompression

Exercise During Periods of Decompression

Life Support and Skills During Herbal Supplementation Periods

Rest and How to Program It

FreeFlow Movement Sequences, Quiz, Survey, & Certificate



  • A mindset to improve your movement.
  • A willingness to work on yourself.
  • A desire to build community.

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