About Services

Personalized Correction:

After a comprehensive evaluation, sessions of 1-4 hours of corrective procedures are performed while monitoring vitals including oxygen saturation, heart rate, and respiratory rate.

  • Client’s weight and goals are monitored.


  • Sauna, Steam, Cold, and Light Therapy Set-up
  • Environmental Testing


Creative Expression:

  • Travel Documenting
  • Active Tracking Documenting
  • Event Recap


  • Clinician Spotlight
  • Client Session Spotlight
  • Testimonial Videos


  • Functional Movement, Workplace Biomechanics, and Sequencing Optimization
  • Physiotherapy, Guided Mobilization & Manipulation
  • Cannabis Education for Healthcare Professionals and Individuals


  • Optional facial hair removal with precision tweezers available prior to face massage
  • Sports massage

Personal Assisting:

  • Florida
  • Michigan
  • West Coast US


 Practice Makes Progress

What’s the cause of your pain, how do we help you into alignment, and maintain your body for performance?   Working with Eastern and Western Medicine philosophies, we can together help you overcome anything.  You have to be willing to put in the work as you’re guided properly.  A propriety method and protocol to assist us in establishing a solid foundation to build upon physical training and physiotherapy.  Your spine and other moving parts will be stronger, healthier, and more stable as you move.  Education on vitamin and mineral supplementation, lifestyle habits and food intake, detox strategies, and plant medicine education (lung, skin, and cognitive performance optimized) is a part of the process.

Shony was apart of a 2 year medical mentorship program at West Bloomfield High School (2006-2008) where he was a clinical assistant for Dermatologists at Henry Ford Outpatient Center, Scrubbed in on surgeries with a Plastic Surgeon/Hand Surgeon at Henry Ford Hospital, and was taught about the developing heart and newborn’s through childhood with an outpatient family Pediatrician. 

He helped conduct colon disease research at the University of Michigan hospital (2011-2012) which pertained to nutrition and proliferation of cells in the colon.  We focused on the Standard American Diet versus a Mediterranean Diet as different genetic factors were altered in mice. These changes had impacts on gut flora inflammation and were then studied. This opportunity challenged his efficiency, thought process, and gained valuable teamwork skills to accomplish the project.

Dr. Shony Leib received his Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University of Michigan.  It wasn’t until he was taking the Medical School Admission Test (MCAT) that he experienced a back injury.  After reaching out to the traditional medical model for assistance, they were only able to offer pharmaceuticals, preservation with physical therapy, and surgery as opposed to restorative healing care.  He decided that was not a long term sustainable option.

It was clear the medical model needed a less invasive approach where treatment was balanced [using both Western and Eastern medicine] to allow the body to heal itself.  Shony obtained his Doctorate of Physiotherapy (DPT) in 2016 at the University of Michigan – Flint with an emphasis on holistic health to help fill this gap.  Wellness, breathwork, instruments, aromatherapy, yoga, cardiovascular fitness, strength training, and integration of good body mechanics into daily life is highly emphasized in his practice.

Shony utilized 2016-2021 in gaining clinical practice in physiotherapy, pain management, and alignment as a clinic manager and performing independent research in the field of movement mechanics, topical and transdermal methods formula creation, labeling and packaging, and cannabis.  

An independent residency and fellowship in Emergency postural exercises, proper biomechanics, and spine injury rehab & prevention was completed. Education of method of Emergency administration, dosage, strain, dose titration, lifestyle habits, spinal alignment techniques with aromatherapy, and education of decompression breathing.

From, 2016-2022+ Shony taught himself to program with the intent of building a fully functioning online video course and e-book distribution platform, web store, and instructor management and scheduling system.  All are fully functioning and up to date today.

From, 2018-2022 Shony had education in Electrical & Metaphysical Science and Canine Therapy through an Apprenticeship.  A thorough mentorship of evaluation and treatment of the energetic and musculoskeletal system.

In 2022, he finalized a mobile club cloud concept while working in Los Angeles & Malibu, California as a decompression training instructor.

With an Israeli movement background of dance, security, and protection, Dr. Shony’s passion is to optimize functional movement mechanics and mobility as they are related to human evolution.  He has raced through the professional mountain biking level, enjoys strength training, reading, quantum mechanics, cardiovascular training, decompression training, yoga, hiking, water waves, stand up paddle boarding, and videography & photography.


The intended goal from day one was to create a system for the average worker/laborer/professional to optimize body mechanics, reduce workplace injuries, a plan or option to safely work while injured and self or partner treat their injuries, maximize career lifespan, maximize their workload safely, be able to handle additional stress at the workplace, and maximize retirement years of play and rest with continued grandfathered company resources.  This also decreases the need for exo-skeletons and Artificial Intelligence (AI) robots to perform similar tasks.  


Effect of cyclooxygenase genotype and dietary fish oil on colonic eicosanoids in mice 

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