Mobile Sports Performance and Physical Therapy

Physiophytology Decompression


Foundation Training

Park Hours - 9am-7pm

For Everyone, Of All Nations

What's The Difference?

Foundation Training with Physiophytology Decompression



What is it?


Strength Training

Movement Coaching

3D Body Scan

360 Breathing

Posterior Chain Activation

Fascial Line Recruitment

Monitoring Vitals

No additional equipment necessary.

Multiple Virtual training apps available


Who’s it For? 


For active seniors through high level performers. 


Who does it? 


 High profile celebrity’s, first responders, surgeons and physicians (MD’s & DO’s), physical therapists, chiropractors, stunt performers, and average people from all nations.


Goals: Solely posterior chain engagement for increased total body strength with age.


Body mechanics now integrated into lifestyle: during kitchen, sports, work, and family life. 


10 min – 1 hour, 1-3x per week to everyday. 


Research Based Practice and Certification.


Cons: If done incorrectly stroke, heart attack, death, mental illness may occur


Is Different Than

Physical Therapy


Detailed Evaluation

Strength Training

Massage Therapy

Therapeutic Activity/Water Aerobics

Home Exercise Plan

Organ Massage

Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency

Electrical Stimulation

Cold Laser

Monitoring Vitals


Goals: Long and Short Term Goals every 2-4 weeks.


Based on Insurance Discretion.


Research Based Practice.


45 min – 3 Hours, 3-4x / week for months.

Marijuana continuing educational course content included approved by the FSBPT (Federation of State Boards in Physical Therapy) Professional Development Requirements for VISION 2020.


Cons: If done incorrectly stroke, heart attack, death, mental illness may occur.



HotMaDah Fitness (הַתמָדָה)

Embark on a transformative journey with Hotmadah Fitness, a comprehensive exercise program inspired by the Israeli concept of (הַתמָדָה) persistence, perseverance, diligence, endurance, constancy, and durance. This holistic approach will challenge and empower you to reach new heights of physical and mental strength.

Train for a rugged adventure that pushes your limits! A demanding trail that spans miles, featuring steep ascents and descents that will put your physical endurance to the test. The hike/bike includes grueling inclines, climbing thousands of feet in elevation over simple miles, with rocky terrain and uneven paths that require focus and agility.

As you reach the summit, take in the breathtaking views before descending into a challenging single-track bike trail, with tight switchbacks, technical features, and heart-pumping drops. The trail twists and turns, testing your mental toughness and physical skill.

With steep climbs, treacherous descents, and scenic vistas, the trail demands resilience, strength, and determination. Will you rise to the challenge and conquer the trail, or will it conquer you? Either way, the sense of accomplishment and the stunning views will stay with you forever.

Persistence: Build unshakeable resilience with our progressive strength training, gradually increasing intensity and weight to forge an unbreakable foundation.

Perseverance: Push through challenges with our high-intensity interval training (HIIT), boosting cardiovascular endurance and mental toughness.

Diligence: Develop razor-sharp focus and discipline with our precision-crafted mobility and flexibility exercises, honing your body’s full potential.

Endurance: Conquer obstacles with our stamina-building cardio sessions, designed to simulate real-life challenges and fortify your resolve.

Constancy: Cultivate unwavering consistency with our balanced programming, ensuring progressive overload and continuous growth.

Durance: Unleash your inner strength with our functional training, simulating everyday tasks and fortifying your resilience.

Hot Madah Fitness is more than a workout – it’s a mindset.

– Build unshakeable confidence
– Forge a resilient body and mind
– Unlock your full potential
– Overcome any obstacle
– Achieve lasting results

Join the Hot Madah Fitness community today!

Hem (הֵם-They) Teahouse

The Old-Fashioned Hem Teahouse is located in Diagon Alley, a charming and hidden street in the wizarding world.

You see the exterior, a cozy and inviting façade with a sign creaking in the gentle breeze. As you step inside, the door opens with a soft creak, revealing a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The interior is adorned with rustic wooden beams, comfy armchairs, and shelves upon shelves of LOCKED peculiar tea blends.

You make your way to the counter featuring an assortment of suggested enchanted teas, each with its unique flavors and properties. You select your tea and the aroma fills the air.

As you find a cozy spot to sit and sip your tea, you notice the whimsical decorations, including twinkling fuchsia candles, vintage tea sets, and curious trinkets. The atmosphere is peaceful, with soft music playing in your headphone’s background, creating a sense of tranquility and wonder.

You take a sip of your own tea and feel a sense of calm wash over you. The flavors are simple and delightful, with hints of rose petals and blueberry. As you relax, the virtual barista shows you a rare, ancient tome bound in elk hide. “This is the ‘Tea Tome of the Ancients,'” they explain. “It contains the secrets of the oldest, most effective teas in the wizarding world.”

Rules and Regulations:

Clients 60 years young and above, Start with a therapeutic range below 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Experience, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal properties WITHOUT a High!

Rules and Regulations:

  1.  Have a Florida Licensed Medical Cannabis Card.
  2. 15 Minute Blocks For Nasal Mist Carry Out or Steam.
  3. 4 People Maximum Per Time Slot.  Write All Names In Notes Section of RSVP. 
  4. A Willingness to Learn About Foundation and Decompression Training.  
  5. Park By the Boat Ramp, Never Judge or Be Stupid, and Never Be Foolish.
  6. Results May Vary, Consult Your Physician For Personalized Medical Advice.
  7. Write down your Urgency in the Notes Section.

Drop-in Rate: $5 per session (for occasional users or tourists).

Standard Package: $20/month (unlimited access) for individuals.

Premium Package: $30/month (unlimited access, early and priority entry) for heavy users and enthusiasts. 

Location #7: (26.9972575, -82.0783887)

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