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This is the time you have on Earth.

The problem? Movement causes compression in every person!

You want to be healthy with your friends & family, and to work & play... Better Bigger Faster

To be Healthy, you need MOVEMENT.

Current treatments of the Spine Health Puzzle are Inconsistent Bandaids Costly

In the clinic, passive spinal decompression machines have shown temporary results often lasting from several days to a week.

Even a traditional physical therapy plan can lead to repeated cycles of recurring flare ups while having a consistent exercise plan. That often leads the practitioner and client having doubts in the program and effectiveness of the techniques they've used together!

Make it stop!

The Solution? The Final Puzzle Piece!



Active Decompression uses guided cannabis breathwork combined with posterior and anterior chain activation. This redistributes the tension of your neuromuscular system and releases tension as cavitations (gas releases) occur at the joint segments.

These truths improve skeletal alignment and reduce dis-ease based on Physiotherapy, Osteopathic, and Chiropractic fundamental principles. The muscular chains of the body are able to stabilize tension and distribute it evenly. Skeletal alignment reduces pain, decreases compressed joints, and improves athletic performance as you get older.

Once balance is achieved, infrequent hemp/cannabis breathwork sessions can act as maintenance work. Continued grounded stability sessions are needed for maintaining alignment and are challenging exercises.

The Body Then Holds Alignment

Earth is your Home, Align with it!

Decompression Breathing in over 20+ strength building positions is needed to add 30-40 years of pain-free movement into your life.

Online Course with Dr. Shony Leib

Earn the skills to add 30+ years of pain-free movement in your life.

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