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I’m Dr. Shony, A Lifelong student of movement and Educator of Decompression

during the last 10+ years i've been researching the human spine and movement dynamics. What I've discovered is incredible!

For years I was searching how to cure the pain that I was experiencing. It was at the age of 25 that I experienced low level THC heated cannabis decompression with guided physical therapy for the first time.  I knew that this would be a component of the cure.  Since that time I have researched and compiled a method of postural alignment & strengthening along the strict guidelines of research protocols. Fortunately, I have been able to coach others successfully.  Changing the way the healthcare system looks at using plant medicine as part of the healing process transitioning to strengthening has been rewarding. This impacts our clients immensely and creates a better quality of life and increased longevity!

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My mission is to guide active and healthy individuals gain an additional 30+ years of pain-free movement during Their life.

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Backed by a Doctoral Physiotherapy Degree and years of optimizing movement sequences.

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Are You Ready to Tune Your Body?

I Am Dr. Shony Leib

With a lifetime of movement experience around the world, I have compiled the latest and most ancient techniques to align the spine, mind, and soul.  In the constantly changing field of healthcare, it is my mission to provide individuals and groups with the skills to add 30+ years of pain-free movement into their lives, master their own body, teach others, and thrive in this life.