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Pontiac Lake XC Race 2011

      -Dave Howard killing it
      The Experts had 30 miles so that called for a good 2.5 hour race on the beautiful Sunday morning.  The trail was tacky and I would say that the conditions were perfect!  There were around 10 guys in my category and I knew this would be a fun and tough race but, this was my home trail and having this advantage was pretty crucial.  There was one guy talking how he has never ridden there before which, as the whistle blew, he went in front of me.  I immediately had to pass him and a couple of people because there pace was not cutting it for me.

-Just before the pass is made

The first lap goes by and we are now divided into 2 groups.  There were 2 guys in the front that were no where in sight and I was leading the second group in third place.  As we neared the 1st checkpoint, I tried refueling my electrolyte shortage.
I got back into a rhythm where Jesse Gould and I started working together and stayed together for the remainder of the 2nd lap.  I told him to take off because I couldn’t keep up at this point.

I was glad to have the support cheering me on from friends and family!  Thanks guys!

I wound up taking a podium spot with a 5th in Expert Mens 19-29 with lap times of 42, 45, and a 53 minutes.  Not bad for a rookie expert!  Im definitely satisfied and ready for the Stony Creek Marathon in less than ONE week!

Garmin file:

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