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PT School Has Changed My Life and I’ve Just Started

(EDIT: 2017 – The Knee pain was due to the misalignment of the bone structure due to the L5-S1 spondylolisthesis and spinal alignment.  Upon relocating it into a Spondylolysis, performing knee exercises and utilizing a cannabis anti-inflammatory and awareness regimen, the knee pain cause was resolved.)

Eight months ago was the start of my patellofemoral pain from a training injury preparing for the upcoming mountain bike season.  I have been struggling with knee pain ever since and I will say if it wasn’t for the knowledge I’ve been getting in PT school, I would not be on the road for recovery.  After only learning just a little bit about proper biomechanics and speaking with one of my professors and an upward trajectory is here.
All it took was learning how to properly engage the gluteus muscles.  Having weak posterior chain muscles significantly increases injury in cyclists.
Honestly, I am feeling stronger just by bending over properly EVERY SINGLE TIME and really paying attention to how my body is positioned in space.

The main thing that I did to change my power on the bike was to use my glute muscles to initiate, continue, and finish the stroke.  This takes pressure off of the knees, thereby allowing your body to limit its tension on the knee.
Proper biomechanics along with intensive foam rolling of my muscle groups has truly impacted my quality of life.

How do I know I’m on the right track?
I just completed back to back rides on my Hardtail on singletrack without any pain afterwards in 40 degree temperature.  This was not possible before the PT school intervention!
I cannot wait to get back to racing my bike for next season..  I will be even stronger with all this knowledge of injury prevention.