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Strength From Repetition.

August 2012:

Leadville 100.  I’m so glad I could be a part of the pit crew for my friends.  Happy to see each one of them finish!

Turns out I racked up enough points to win the Michigan XC series for Expert 19-29!  First huge accomplishment of the year!

September 2012:

Mad Anthony CX 2012:

      High intensity cross racing is wild!  I managed to get 16/45ish people.  Not too shabby for a great day at Detroit’s historic Fort Wayne!

Lake Orion CX Day 1 and Day 2:

       It  was time to lay down some power down on this course.  Day 1 I worked my way up to 7th and was content with that.  The next day I pushed hard at the end while everyone was fading.  I managed to gain several spots on the last lap after having my mountain bike skills on lock-down during some technical sections.  I wound up 3rd place after a hard fight!
My first Cross podium ever!

Iceman 2012:


This is the golden race of the year and everyone looks forward to it being the culmination of a long season.  I started off in wave 4 way in the back after getting to the start line later then I wanted. I immediately put the hammer down as the wave went off and found myself sitting 3rd wheel to the group of 100 riders.  It amazes me how many people were pushing hard in the beginning and as soon as we started climbing baby hills, the large lead group trickled down to several riders.  I found myself working with 3 other people during half of the race.  We did get slowed down considerably by a tandem in the single track but that wont happen next year since my time of 1:57 will probably get me into wave 1 :)!  I found myself riding with some of my teammates during the race which was a nice cap to the season.  The snow towards the last half of the race was amazingly beautiful as it blanketed the trees!  I wish I had time to take pictures and stop to appreciate the beauty.

I finished in 5th/96 for the 19-24 age group which made this my first time on the podium at Iceman!  I can’t wait for next year as training has already started.

My next pressing question is should I stick with Expert or join the big leagues and step up to Pro?  Riding with faster people only makes you more powerful… Only time [and a successful winter training program] will tell.  Scratch that, it takes a total commitment to race Elite and I will push myself until I achieve the highest level possible.

Until Next time!

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  1. Nice man sounds like a hard run with being sick!And sounds like you had fresh legs after being sick almost all year! Way to live the dream

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