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Addison Oaks TT, STXC, XC

This past weekend was the 2 day stage race at Addison Oaks.  The weekend hit full force with the first day consisting of a time trial and then a short track.  The next day was an XC.
Full Results here:
Day 1 ResultsDay 2 Results


Saturday’s TT was over very fast.  I will say that I was at the upper level of my heart rate with an average HR of 202 and a max of 210!  I managed a 1st place in this race!

Short Track XC:

This was definitely my FAVORITE race of the weekend.  All of the experts started off in a mass start.  I started off in the lead pack and continued to hammer on.  After several laps I was still in the lead pack with 3 other top Expert riders (Don Cameron, John Osgood, and Jim Bonnell) and the field was all behind us.  How did this happen!?  I kept trying to channel out the pain considering I averaged a HR of 202 and a max of 211!  I managed to get 1st place in my age group and 3rd place in the entire Expert field.

These photos are credit to John Osgoods blog:

For winning overall on Saturday, I also got an endless bowl of Coldstone Creamery so when I feel like really splurging, I can go all out!


Sunday came around but the legs did not seem to be content with yesterday’s beating.  I felt the efforts I put out on Saturday and I had to deal with it.  I tried getting to the front of the field as we started and that worked for around a lap of the course.  I could not keep up the pace that Kelly Sugg was dishing out and had to slow down or I would suffer later in the race.  During the 2nd and 3rd laps I was able to hang with Brad Lako and John Osgood for some time.  I took the 4th lap easy.

Had a great weekend.  Can’t wait for the next race and the Leadville 100!

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  1. Leadville baby!!! oww owww!

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